Home Products that Baffle: Found Beer Bottle in Crate

You’ve read the mission statement. Let us now proceed to Pottery Barn’s amazingly BAD-yet-supposed-to-be-classy product. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the Found Beer Bottle In Crate.

Found Beer Bottle in Crate

From the descriptor, I think we’re supposed to believe these bottles are vintage and Swedish and have some association with breweries and taverns. But I must point out that they look like bottles someone has already guzzled and emptied surrounded by their own miniature toboggans. My first instinct, when I see this, is to toss the bottle into the recycle bin, but Pottery Barn is telling me that these are amazing decorative pieces and, oh yeah, they’re on clearance. How much do they want for these gems? $119.99!

I think the folks at Pottery Barn really did drink the contents.

Anyone agree? Or are you dying to stick a candle in this and put it on your dining room table at your next dinner party?


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