I’m On To You, Shower Spray Refill Bottles …

Zoom View - Daily Shower Spray Cleaner Refill Ylang YlangShower spray promises the thing I love most: Less cleaning. I’m supposed to take my shower and then spray this magical concoction which will then spare me the odious task of scrubbing the tiles. Sign me up! The jury is out as to whether this works, but frequent showering means that your spray bottle is soon empty! Zounds!

Rather than buying additional spray bottles, you can save the planet (arguably) and pennies in your wallet by buying refill bottles. At least, that’s what these big jugs promise. Sounds great!

The problem: The evil manufacturing geniuses decide to make the opening of the refill bottle nearly twice the size of the shower spray bottle. This means that when you’re in a rush, as I often am, and you need to refill your spray bottle, a lot of the contents are inevitably lost.

Get me straight: I think my stream is probably more than satisfactory. I’m careful. I’m in a rush, but I don’t want to lose some of this precious cleaning savior. And yet, I feel like a tablespoon of shower spray juice is somehow pooled into my sink and down the drain. This makes me wonder: Am I actually saving money?

Why can’t they slap a spout on these things, like laundry detergents? (And don’t even get me started on the mysterious fill-until-this-line caps, which are no where to be found.) Oh that’s right, because evil manufacturing geniuses want me to keep buying shower spray refill bottles.

It’s an endless, futile cycle.

How about you? Have you encountered any dumb household products that are probably made to make you wasteful?


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