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Here’s My Beef With You, Food Network …

I am certainly a fan of the Food Network. I don’t mind watching a good cooking show from the comfort of my couch, thinking of all the yummy food items I could (and probably won’t) whip up in the kitchen. Ina Garten, or the Barefoot Contessa, is a favorite. But I have two issues with the Food Network:

1) Airing summer shows during the darkest throes of winter. Thanks for showing Ina finding a seasonal eggplant dish plucked from her local farmers on a bright summer day and tossing various things on her grill … while I’m sitting on the couch bundled up with my footie pajamas over my regular pajamas and a snuggie draped over me because it’s COLD! My life would most likely be put at risk if I made that dish during below freezing temperatures. Why do you have to torture me like this?

2) The phrase “good.” Also, I don’t appreciate it when these hosts are going through a recipe and talking about “good olive oil.” “Make sure you use really good olive oil,” Ina says. All that means is NOT the cheap brand you bought from Harris Teeter that’s on sale but the $20 froo-froo variety you can find at Fresh Market, which maybe Ina can afford on a daily basis whereas I cannot. Oh Ina, please.

Anyone else have a beef with food shows?